Steadx 2015

Wednesday, November 04, 2015 Stephen Kelly 0 Comments

I will be presenting at STEADx 2015 this year, in Brisbane. My talk will be about Go2Asset, our Permit to Work SAAS system.

STEADx (Spatial, Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Design xpo) has been organised by QSSA (Queensland Spatial & Surveying Association).

FRIDAY, 6 NOVEMBER 2015 FROM 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

I will be presenting at 11:30 AM, which is 2.5 hours into a 3 hour session, so people will be starting to get tired and thinking about Lunch, so I will be aiming to do an exciting, interesting talk to get people to listen to what I am saying.  

"How you give contractors access to infrastructure anywhere in the world" Peepel everywhere. Is my talk title.

I will be talking about how do  you allow contractors to access data anywhere in the world, and what it is like dealing with Clients, Customers, Contractors and staff all over the world.

Time-zones for remote workers are becoming more critical for remote workers than their location is, due to improving technological advances, such as collaborative software and VOIP phone calls.

I will put up a longer post about how the talk went and a link to the PDF of my presentation. I am looking forward to presenting, but as always get slightly nervous as the event draws closer.

The SteadX program can be found here.