Ducks - Donald and his Family move on to a new farm.

Saturday, June 25, 2016 Stephen Kelly 0 Comments

We have sadly decided that we will move our flock of ducks onto a breeding farm. This recent wet weather has made it hard for the yard to handle this number of ducks, and we were having to do a lot of supplemental feeding. I will also be starting my Doctorate very soon, which will be on Bees, so we will be getting more bee hives and hence the ducks will have to leave.

It has been an amazing experience having ducks here, and once we move to a larger property we will continue to raise ducks again. But the number of ducks that we want to keep is just not that practical in 1/2 a suburban backyard, the other 1/2 is for Spock our dog.

Mother and Baby ducks - eating Fresh LettuceWe woke up Tuesday morning, to find a new batch of ducklings that the mother had hid pretty well from us, the mother and babies will move to the breeding farm.

In spring, I will be getting a second Australian Native Bee Hive set up here, and will be using this one for much of my doctorate studies.

We are very happy with the breeder that we have moved our ducks on to, we have known him for several years, and when his staff have come here to pick up ducks, they are very gentle and caring towards all the ducks. They said that they will keep them together as one group and use them as breeders.

There was 4 generations of ducks that had all grown together, and cared and looked after each other. The backyard feels a little empty now, without the constant noise and activity of the ducks, but Spock (our dog) is happy that he can get into the backyard again.

We will miss seeing the ducks and interacting with them everyday, but we both feel that the time is right, and that we made the right decision of where to send the ducks.